Crash Month is Near: Late September and early October have hietorically had large market crashes. Remember 1987. I am trading short most of this month to guard against large quick drops.

Earnings Season Trading

How to trade Options and Futures During Earnings Season

Earnings season is up on us again at the end of the quarter.  First of all you will need to know what, when and how much the expected stock of your dreams is expected to move.  You find this quite handily by going to Yahoo finance to find the date earning come out for your stock.  You can highlight the stock to send you alerts if you like.

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Price Action to Predict Market Turns

Predicting Market Turns with Price Action

If you watch market action closely you will pick up on a reliable market pattern.  Strangely enough it is almost totally independent of the time frames you use.  It does not matter if you are using 1 minute 15 minute, one hour, daily or even weekly time frames.  Watch this video or any of your charts on any stock, ETF, or index and research this for yourself.  You will find that the market reverses itself after runs of 3-4-5 or 6 consecutive trends.  Technically this is called the Reversion to the Mean.  After a short run like this it seems to just run out of gas.

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Candlestick Sentiment Trading

Trading Candlesticks

As many of you know, I have been trading for over 22 years. As the years go by I become a bigger and bigger fan of Candlestick analysis because it shows investor sentiment.  Here are four of my friend Steve Bigelow’s latest  “How to Trade…” series. [Read more…]

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