Big Moves in the Summer

Many traders live by the mantra of trade through May and go away.  Living blindly by these little aphorisms can led to missed opportunities.  We have found that there are many large moves during each day, so think about using longer time frames to catch the bigger moves.
2016-06-07_3 day

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Website updates

Website Updates

We have finally completed the updates to both the website.  Please check it out, send us any corrections that need to me made and send us your comments. We will be making update offers later this week after we complete the final corrections.

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Technical vs Fundamental Analysis In Futures Trading

There are two basic types of analysis used to evaluate the market and predict its movements: fundamental and technical. If you’ve dealt mostly with stocks and bonds, you may rely heavily on fundamental analysis to guide your market decisions. Futures traders have learned to follow the money. Technical analysis trumps fundamental analysis when making trading decisions in the futures market. Read on to find out why.

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Stock Search Programs

As I mention in my bio, I started out trading stocks back in 1994.There was an author selling a program for over $5,000 per month and an additional $600 per month for weekly stock picks.  After a little research I found that his trading account was over $1 million in the hole.  I also discovered that he was using Telechart 2000 to find these stocks.  I passed on his course and went directly to using TC2000, which I highly recommend today.  You can scan 9000 stocks in 15 seconds using your own or prebuilt scanning criteria.

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