Earnings Season Trading

How to trade Options and Futures During Earnings Season

Earnings season is up on us again at the end of the quarter.  First of all you will need to know what, when and how much the expected stock of your dreams is expected to move.  You find this quite handily by going to Yahoo finance to find the date earning come out for your stock.  You can highlight the stock to send you alerts if you like.

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Big Moves in the Summer

Many traders live by the mantra of trade through May and go away.  Living blindly by these little aphorisms can led to missed opportunities.  We have found that there are many large moves during each day, so think about using longer time frames to catch the bigger moves.
2016-06-07_3 day

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DOM Front Runner

How to Front Run the Dom

I have been trading for over 20 years now and finally figured out how to use the DOM to front run the ever changing static orders on the DOM.  If you ever watch the DOM carefully it is a totally chaotic list of standing orders, many of them are spoofs or false orders designed to try to move the market.  After two years of work, I combined this template with my Futures Trading Secrets course and templates..momentum

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Importance Of Charts To Futures Traders

Charts don’t lie. Charts provide a visual display of the numbers that drive futures trading. Charting allows traders to effectively track and analyze price trends. Technical analysis of these price trends provides the solid basis on which traders base their buy/sell decisions.

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