Crash Month is Near: Late September and early October have hietorically had large market crashes. Remember 1987. I am trading short most of this month to guard against large quick drops.

Futures Traders Must Juggle Multiple Variables

Futures contracts are complex financial instruments and trading them demands constant daily, even hourly, monitoring. When you trade futures, there are myriad shifting variables that must be monitored continuously. Trading futures is about minimizing risk and maximizing profits. Profits are often made on small price points in an interval of minutes. To make money, you have to be there, in the game, ready to grab an opportunity when it appears.

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Hone Mind, Body To Achieve Futures Trading Success

Just as a craftsman keeps his tools sharp, clean and well organized, so must a futures trader keep his “tools” in peak operating condition. A futures trader’s ultimate tools are his mind and his body. Yes, we use systems, triggers, indicators, charts and other tools and tactics — all important. But without the human trigger they are useless. If you do not take care of your physical and mental self and keep yourself in peak trading condition, you will not be able to maintain the level of concentration, stamina, quick reflexes and clear thinking necessary to succeed as a futures trader.

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Practicing For Success As A Futures Trader

Practice makes perfect, my mother used to say. It’s as true of futures trading as of anything else. Before you put your hard-earned cash on the line, you need to practice trading if you want to succeed as a futures trader.

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