Earnings Season Trading

How to trade Options and Futures During Earnings Season

Earnings season is up on us again at the end of the quarter.  First of all you will need to know what, when and how much the expected stock of your dreams is expected to move.  You find this quite handily by going to Yahoo finance to find the date earning come out for your stock.  You can highlight the stock to send you alerts if you like.

We dot recommend placing order before earnings because the market makers tend to jack up the prices as the Implied Volatility (IV) rises.  Rather we suggest you wait  until after earnings are announced and if you are not sure of the direction of the stock movement, place either a straddle or a strangle at the money ATM for best results.  If the market one significantly in one direction take profits and wait for the other wing to snap back for additional profit.  Just track the underying.  If the underlying experience s large gap You can pretty much count on a reversal.  Watch your positions closely for the next few days.

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