Hello, I’m Bill McCready and I developed the Futures Trading Secrets Course. I started this blog, FuturesBlogger.com to keep my students and prospective students up to date with happenings in the market, share my observations on the market, and resources that can help traders.

I thought trading would be easy! I am a smart guy, but did not become a successful trader until I understood all of the principles that are covered in this blog and in my trading course, Futures Trading Secrets. I was the financial partner in a radio station and my partner gave me a trading program he couldn’t figure out.  Up until that time I had been using a major brokerage managed account and my venture capital fund for building my financial future.  All were long term investments and none were doing well.

As I began investigating, I started trading stocks, then swing trading commodities and finally indexes.  I picked day trading indexes because I liked being in cash ever night.  In my venture capital business I often had to wait 5-7 years to see if I was going to make money or even get my capital back. When I first started trading I had only limited success. A few wins and lots of small losses. So the question is, can you really make money trading Futures or Forex every day? The answer is YES – IF you can follow just three simple rules.

I’ve worked in management positions as a nuclear submarine officer, astronomical engineer, venture capitalist and Internet entrepreneur. I have owned eleven businesses, including an engineering company, Novell networking company, AM-FM radio stations, an international product trading company, and a venture capital fund and consulting company.  I have degrees in mathematics and nuclear engineering. I lived in Hawaii for 30 years and worked all over Asia. I like to ski, swim, fish, golf and pursue digital photography.  But trading is a passion. Trading is just the perfect business: no employees, no overhead, unlimited potential, and lots of freedom. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it profitable.

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