Trader Tax Guides

One of the most confusing aspects for Traders and Investors can be handling the US Tax Code.  Personalty I use an Enrolled Agent as my CPA.   I have trained her myself over the past 20 years and she is great.  For those of you new to trading I highly recommend Green Company because they can set you up for a minimal fee with your own personal accountant.

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Market Turning Points

This market seems very top heavy right now with a nice divergence at the top.  We have discussed divergences before and they do not always show direct reversals of the market.  However, there is a better than and 80% probability that you will get a reversal, so it is always wise to play the odds.

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How To Use Stop Losses In Futures Trading

Futures traders use stop losses to minimize financial risk and prevent unexpected catastrophe. A stop loss is like an insurance policy. As the name implies, its purpose is to stop losses. A powerful money management tool, stop losses allow the savvy futures trader to manage his losses, to keep them small and contained. Properly applied stop losses can mean the difference between success and failure for futures traders.

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Futures Traders Must Understand Risks In Commodity Trading

Playing the commodity market is viewed as (and can be) a risky game. Many investors consider commodities the market’s riskiest asset. The truth is that commodities are no riskier than stocks. Certainly there is risk, as there is in any investment. But the risk is no greater in the commodity markets than it is in any other market.

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