China Reserve Currency Status

China Gets Reserve Currency Status

There is a lot of buzz about the IMF Granting China Reserve Currency Status at their October 20th meeting.  this could adversely affect the strength of the U. S. Dollar and the U. S. Dollar.  I suggest you follow Jim Rickards blog to keep up with this assertion. If you do not know Jim Rickards, he is the asymmetric threats guy who works for the CIA and our government and has written “Currency Wars” and “The Death of Money”, two excellent books I highly recommend you read.

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Is Open Outcry Futures Trading Dying?

Men in blazers, ties askew, arms waving, hands signaling frantically, yelling into an incomprehensible din, the floor covered with a snow of paper — that’s how all trading on the futures markets used to take place. It’s called open outcry trading and it is quickly going the way of the dinosaurs.

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Coping with Volatile Forex Events

We are adding a series of posts on Forex for the next few weeks because about 30% of the owners of the Futures Trading Secrets Course trade Forex.  These posts are timely, so be sure to subscribe now.

This week is festooned with important global economic data releases. Which are the most prominent and how could they impact your Forex trading? To answer these questions, let us first identify key USA events because these ones have the most ability to influence the global financial markets with the impact of their results.

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Futures Traders Can Use Media Hype To Their Advantage

The media, particularly television, has a profound effect on the development of public consensus which can drive movement in the markets. People believe what they hear in the news, particularly on television. The prognostications of television economists and financial experts bombard the public, molding public opinion and forming consensus. The problem is that the views of only a small number of people are aired, but aired repetitively, lifting their judgments from the realm of personal opinion to widely accepted fact. The savvy futures trader can make use of this phenomenon.

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