DOM Front Runner

How to Front Run the Dom

I have been trading for over 20 years now and finally figured out how to use the DOM to front run the ever changing static orders on the DOM.  If you ever watch the DOM carefully it is a totally chaotic list of standing orders, many of them are spoofs or false orders designed to try to move the market.  After two years of work, I combined this template with my Futures Trading Secrets course and templates..momentum

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Options Trading Room Update

The Options Trading Room got off to a rough start as some log in errors have occurred and are now being resolved.  However the Options Trading itself is going very well.  Check these charts our from the past several weeks.

TLT 7-20-14 Call  TBT 7-20-14 Put

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Weekly Options Coming Soon

I have nearly completed the weekly options membership program that will be announced here sometime next week.  I has taken me some time to finish the trading platform on TOS and to complete the trading rules.  I promise you it will be worth the wait.  Our initial launch will include only 100 subscribers, so watch this site and your emails closely.

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Weekly Options Ideas

I reviewed a weekly options program last week.  In that review I covered many of the principals necessary to successfully make these pure Gamma Trades.   Let me give you a few more hints on what to trade and why.   These are not the only things to trade, but you get the idea.All of the following list have these criteria.  Strike  prices ever 0.5, all are multiples of financial ETFs or Interest rates. [Read more…]

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